Clean the Air AND Plant a Tree!

Despite the fact that the concepts of nature conservation and energy efficiency have appealed to me all my life, I never quite understood or appreciated why environmental activists were so pushy or zealous. Therefore, I generally considered them “loco”.

However, over the past few years, as the natural resources governance advocacy initiative I helped establish at the Yar’Adua Foundation broadened, I began to discover some justification for the apparent desperation. My blog post from last week covers pretty much the reason why activist in Nigeria need to be far more desperate than their counterparts from around the world.

As I mentioned in that blog post, we produced a documentary about the impact of climate change and environmental degradation on Nigeria. The documentary is an advocacy tool to inspire local and international action to address these challenges in Nigeria. We are screening it as part of the COP21 at the activist space – Zone Action Climat – at the Centquatre today and the Africa Pavillion in the Blue Zone of the UNFCCC COP21 venue at Paris Le-Bourget tomorrow.

We arrived Paris a few days in advance of our first screening just to give ourselves enough time to soak in the COP21 experience as well as tie up any loose ends before our big showing. It turned out to be a master stroke. We’ve had to make tedious arrangements for projectors, accreditation etc over the past few days – arrangements we wouldn’t have had the time to make if we didn’t arrive early.

Apart from being tedious, the past few days have been fun as well. For instance…


20151206_153045[1] 20151208_173056[1]


And this small protest that encapsulated the call to action for all of us…



4 thoughts on “Clean the Air AND Plant a Tree!

    • Suya my Oga, we hope that everyone in Nigeria will see it. We are going to show it at Silverbird cinemas across the country. We are also in partnership with several community groups and organizations to organize screenings. By March we will make the film available on DVD and TV broadcast.

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