I Think We Should Let this Pastor’s Scandal Go

Ever since a dark skinned OAP with some amazingly hot legs, dropped a bombshell on us through her now popular blog about her affair with a notable pastor, all new media channels have been buzzing with this salacious tale of phallic anointing and levels of sexual grace.

Blogs have been written, services held and even divine pronouncements have been made. But one thing is for certain: the Pastor has neither denied nor admitted the accusations flung in his direction.

To him, this is water off a duck’s back. No shaking.

Apart from a sobby confession of guilt and a public shaming charade, there isn’t much left to this drama. Even for those who were earlier skeptical, I think it is pretty clear what happened and has been happening between the well-spoken man of the cloth and several delectable members of his youthful congregation.

I think it is now time to move on.

We are not God… and a lot of us will not be members of his congregation. Those who still go there to worship him or worship God should be left to their own choices. One can choose to associate themselves with, and respect someone regardless of their failings. It is no crime.

We must now be content with the hilarious phrases this episode has added to our casual vocabulary.

And we should all pray that when it happens that our weaknesses get the better of us, there will be another level of grace to break our fall.


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