Time Travel in the Bible?

Ok, so here’s me indulging my outrageous brainwaves again…

I’ve always imagined a very logical explanation for the existence of a man who was, without contest, one of the greatest socio-political geniuses that was ever chronicled: Jesus Christ.

It is no doubt that the impression made by the stories of his short and eventful life completely deflected the, otherwise gradual, tangent of human civilization and probably led things in a rather different and enlightened path.

There’s definitely contest over whether he existed or not… or even if he did, whether he performed the miracles so often associated with his life and death. But for the purposes of this piece, I am going to imagine that he actually did live… but maybe not as was famously chronicled.

Imagine if somewhere, sometime in the distant future, time travel was actually discovered and perfected. That someone, or a small elite group of “enlightened ones” controlled this technology and an immense amount of knowledge as well. Imagine also that, in this distant future, medical technology had advanced to a point where certain healing techniques that had become common place in that future society would seem like miracles to us.

Imagine if, from time to time, these “enlightened ones” could teleport back in time, and say, appear to a virgin named “Mary”… or to a bunch of Sheperds at night. Imagine if these “enlightened ones” teleported an embryo into Mary’s womb… and then monitored the progress of the fetus.

Imagine that when this kid had grown and was an adult and had wondered into the wilderness to be “tempted by the devil” that these “enlightened ones” came to “minister to him” briefing him of his mission and certain times when they will be making interventions…

But here is the clue that sent me on this wild imaginative adventure:

Moses had a “God experience” on Mount Sinai around the 12th Century BC

Elijah had a “God experience” on the same Mount (Horeb is the other name of Mount Sinai) around the 9th Century BC

Transfiguration of Jesus happens on an unnamed mountain with these two men around 30 AD. Jesus never explained the presence of these men in that miracle to his disciples.

Could it be that time travel had brought these three men several centuries apart to meet and harmonize their strategies across time in the same place?


5 thoughts on “Time Travel in the Bible?

  1. In God, time is a continuum. He was, He is and always will be. So in essence we move through time, while time in itself is the constant.

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