No Case Submission: AEPB vs. Ms. Ojo and Ms. Olofu

A relevant extract from the no case submission in the matter of AEPB vs. Ms. Ojo and Ms. Olofu

Two days ago, I wrote an account in my blog about the abduction and accusation of two Nigerian young women by the AEPB. So many comments have been made for and against. A lot of these comments have been great, some of them have been ignorant.

I have now uploaded some further information for your consideration. Please click here to read the transcript of the No Case Submission made by the counsel to the accused women which was subsequently adopted by the court.

In Nigerian law, after the close of the prosecution case, whether in a Magistrates’ Court hearing or even the Supreme Court, the defence can make a no case submission. A no case submission is an argument that, on the evidence led there is no case for the accused to answer. The question to be answered by the magistrate or judge is whether on the evidence as it stands the accused could lawfully be convicted.

In the case against Ms. Ojo and Ms. Olofu, the court adopted the no case submission and dismissed the charges.

But make sure you read the submission, its contents will alarm you! It is best viewed on your computer/laptop.

Another relevant extract from the no case submission



34 thoughts on “No Case Submission: AEPB vs. Ms. Ojo and Ms. Olofu

    • What do you mean by ‘dressed as sluts’? With whose moral string do we measure the skirt length of a slut? A pious muslim sister’s, a pastor’s, a babalawo’s or an honourable minster’s?

      • Thank you for that question L7; did I (or any other woman in Abuja) miss the memo on ‘ the acceptable skirt length’ distributed by the government? SMH

    • And you used that as a justification for their humiliating treatment.

      Now, the law holds that these women have committed no offence and the AEPB had no business abducting them in the first place.

      What say you?

  1. – I found this thoroughly engaging.

    I am not alarmed by the case per se. What I am alarmed by is the subterranean mode in which the application of Sharia (lite) law is becoming the norm in the FCT. This may seem like a non-sequitur, considering what the case is about. But, where does the idea that the way a woman dresses is a criminal offence for which the law needs to concern itself with it emanate? The arbitrary nature with which our law enforcement agencies decide to arrest and prosecute women for a myriad of trifling ‘offernces’ really grate against one’s better judgement.

    I am glad the case was turfed out of court but these women seemed like middle class women who afford good legal representation, but for the other women nko?

  2. Aisha, now you’re thanking God that is no case? Babe, na wa for you o. If you are going to rule by Tha Aishalian Order, you’ve got to make your mind. Its either ok for them to be arrested for dressing ‘like prostitutes and being out late’, which is what you said on the other post, or its not. Can’t be both. That said, I know a good lawyer who can help you put the above tenets in your Aishalian constitution.

      • Aisha, I’ll tell you why – it’s because your initial comments blamed the victims and quite ignorantly too. They attack you because you seem to share the same kind of reasoning used by the agency that attacked and violated those women. You’re attacked because it is people like you that want to know what a female was wearing or if she had on red lipstick when she’s raped or what “she” said when slapped her and beat her to a pulp. It is women like you that keep women down in society by championing or even echoing causes that have no basis. I could go on, but I’m sure you now understand why it seems everybody is attacking you.
        No one wants or deserves to be humiliated and violated in that kind of way Aisha especially based on some ignorant belief deeply rooted in hypocrisy.
        I may be wrong on the reasons why you are being attacked, but …

  3. @L7 r u saying u don’t knw hw sluts/ prostitutes dress??, all r said is wat r responsible girls doin outside by 2am??, I mite not agree wit u all but I am happy dey didn’t get thrown into prison

    • Oh puhlease. You’ve never been to a party? Never been to a night vigil? Never been travelling at night? Never had to rush to the hospital at night? Never been outside your house by 2am?

      Going by the case on ground, any of the incidents I listed above could easily have gotten you ‘abducted’ by the AEPB guys too, provided they caught your feet outside your car (or preferred means of transportation).

      The ‘responsible girls’ argument is banal. And stop wondering why people are attacking you, you’re smarter than that.

  4. Hi Amara,

    I would really like to talk to you about this article! Can I reach you by e-mail? Or can you e-mail me at doreenthespartan at g mail dot com?

  5. Hmmmm, Abuja Environmental Protection Board abi? I can bet the street where the ladies were abducted from was filthy, and had been filthy for weeks on end! Take care of that? Nooo!! Only God knows how many ladies they’ve assaulted like this (saw something about being in operation since 2007 abi)?

    How about we drum up some mega media attention for the lawsuit against AEPB Bubusn? You know I’d enjoy working on that….

    Was also going to say that some comments detract from the spirit of your blog, but I changed my mind….especially after reading your ‘About’ page.

    Well done!

    • I’d be interested in publicizing the lawsuit as well on my blog and in my column in Weekly Trust. Absolutely outrageous that this is happening. Let me know what I can do, or if there are any press releases on the matter. Email: carmenmccain (at)

  6. Harsh?!….have u read thru ur posts?…if u really are a christian as u brand then u show tear off James 1:8 from ur bible and stick it to ur forehead!!!…I could have left u ranting with ur ‘wicked and judgmental’ views but coming back to rejoice and thank God for their victory over the idiots at AEPB makes me wanna……………………….

  7. Harsh?!….have u read thru ur posts?…if u really are a christian as u brand then u show tear off James 1:8 from ur bible and stick it to ur forehead!!!…I could have left u ranting with ur ‘wicked and judgmental’ views but coming back to rejoice and thank God for their victory over the idiots at AEPB makes me wanna……………………….

    FYI i’m MALE!!!

  8. Pingback: If you are female and you live in Abuja, you should be concerned…by bubusn | free2run

    • lol.. girl.. dont start wit me. check me out my name..i’m d real deal..i dont hide behind faceless links.. n wat has being poor hav t do wit d fact dat 2 ladies were abused? i’m still tryin to be rational wit u after reading all ur posts..

  9. Huh!! Is this still about the ladies that were illegally abducted & possibly abused or is it about something else? U̶̲̥̅̊ guys should chill out abeg!! @aisha – I’m sure you wouldn’t be thinking this way if it was you that was abducted & abused so I think you should let the guys that can actually do something to prevent this from happening again have their day in court! They might be saving you u know?
    @all -i think u guys should leave aisha alone! Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion! It might not sit well with any of us but I don’t think it should warrant abusive comments..that what she thinks so let her be abeg!!

  10. (This is for Aisha, maybe alone)

    @Aisha, I am not with those attacking you. I adore your reasoning. Feel free and express yourself. Your heart is full and your points are clear but they cannot understand. You stood out from the crowd, holding fast to that which you believe is right. Even if you present them weakly that they are not so convincing today and you discover through some experiences tomorrow, by your nature, you will have that courage and determination to update.

    Do not ever be slackened by external pressure on that which your heart tells you. Stand firm till the end. The only time you will be wrong is when you succumb to the readymade opinion of others, ignoring your own heart.

    When you go into a place with a different opinion that is true and does not conform to the bandwagon effect, you will be criticized and even stabbed at the back all in a bid to make you drop that which is so sacred to you.

    Think of the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that great bringer of Truth according to the Christian religion. Do you think Christ was killed by accident? He was murdered because his opinion conflicted with what was on ground, the band ‘wagon effect’ that the Pharisees and scribes who mainly instigated and instilled fear in people. The truth he brought made people to desert the synagogues and other worship places where they made offerings to the priests. They reported him to Caesar, tried all they could but finally succeeded through bribery of one of his disciple. His disciples were nowhere to be found to give voice and prove their faith, against the execution of their master (band wagon effect). The people he came to save encouraged his crucifixion and asked that a criminal should be released to them forgetting that yesterday they shouted ‘Hosanna’ to the one they are about to murder; (band wagon effect). Even his disciples after running away came back to continue the work, they were all killed because the darkness does not want the truth to surface.

    Such is the faith for someone who gives voice to the truth; such a person would, at this time, receive moral murder. That is why today I exhort you to be careful when everybody agrees on one thing and you heart tells you otherwise. When someone complains vehemently on a thing, listen to all he is saying and use your heart to listen to those things he is not saying; after, with a little notch the truth will all unfold before you.
    In other to be save yourself, do not readily throw into the open that which you have perceived inwardly as the truth, but use it to help those who have seriously prayed for help.

    In summary, just know that people do not want to change, they fight the change because they want to continue in their sleep.
    Let them sleep.

  11. Very sad! This country is at the brink of degeneration. My (female)cousin and I went out to have dinner in wuse 2 as we walked back home at about 10pm a white truck with mobile policemen drove dangerously close to us and checked us out, luckily we had long dresses on and we passed their morality test. Reading this story I am thankful I wasn’t wearing shorts (my preferred mode of dressing when taking a walk). My mom tells us stories of the old Nigeria and how they used to walk to the disco(club) in short dresses very late at night, how safe it was and how different it is today. Oh ye puritans, our bible says judge not. A person cannot be judged on outwardly appearances alone. It is disheartening to read comments from the likes of aisha and prince, goes to show how ignorant most Nigerians are. Luckily I have a car so I’m partly immune from these savages in uniforms but the same cannot be said for many decent females who see nothing wrong in dressing in manners frowned upon by our earthly saints. There are no jobs, our poticians are looting us to stupor, retarded drivers kill people on Abuja roads(death traps) daily and the biggest problem is prostitutes???

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