If you are female and you live in Abuja, you should be concerned…

At 2 am on the 3rd of June, 2011, Abimbola Ojo, a female corper had just emerged from a friend’s birthday party in Wuse 2. She stood on the road and hailed a cab, ostensibly looking for a ride home. As she negotiated with the cab driver for the fare, she suddenly found herself in the air. An unknown man had lifted her and was carrying her in the direction of an un-marked vehicle.

Her immediate reaction was that she was being kidnapped. So she yelled and screamed and kicked. Crying for help. Her friend, Miriam Olofu was the first to react. But the abduction was too quick. No one could prevent Abimbola from being dumped in the waiting bus and driven off into the night.

Miriam got in her SUV and trailed the bus. About eight other friends got in their cars and followed as well. While in pursuit, Miriam picked up her cell phone and called someone she knew. It was the District Police Officer (DPO) of the Garki district. She didn’t know where these unknown men were taking her friend and she was calling for help. What started as a fun night had suddenly turned into a nightmare.

In the unmarked bus, Ms. Ojo would find herself in the company of some other women. One of them was naked. Her clothes had been ripped off her body, violently. Ms. Ojo was informed that she was a prostitute and she had been apprehended by a task force under the Abuja Environmental Protection Board. Despite having her NYSC identity card on her and protesting her innocence, Ms. Ojo’s captors would have none of it. The bus load of distressed and protesting women were driven to the AEPB Compound in Area 3, Abuja.

At the AEPB Compound in Area 3, aided by gun-totting mobile police men, the task force violently offloaded these women and barricaded them in a room. Just twenty minutes after leaving a birthday party, Ms. Abimbola Ojo would find herself in one of the most humiliating circumstances of her entire life.

A bunch of her friends would soon arrive, led by Miriam. Having established that this wasn’t a bunch of faceless kidnappers, but men who were under the pay of her own government, they would proceed to walk up to them, bravely and boldly protesting their friend’s innocence. It would prove costly. They were immediately beaten and  slapped and their car tires were slashed.

They were also detained, and prostitution charges were slammed on them.

Soon after, the DPO arrived at the AEPB compound with his men. What followed wasn’t a peaceful, gentlemanly resolution of the problem. According to Ms. Ojo, the mobile police men attached to the AEPB began to shoot indiscriminately, inflicting a few injuries. This stand off did not resolve the issue and Ms. Ojo and her friends were held in the compound into the next day.

During their detention, their captors would proceed to worsen their humiliation. One by one, each woman was threatened to confess that she was a prostitute or be taken straight to the prison in Suleja. To make matters worse, a plastic table was brought in, condoms were poured on the table and journalists were invited to take pictures with these, now powerless, women portrayed as prostitutes.

They were subsequently charged to court.

Typically, this would be where the matter would die. Helpless women, having been humiliated beyond measure, with no means to fight back will give in. But, Abimbola, Miriam and their friends would refuse to be convicted of a crime that they did not commit. And they were fortunate.

Dorothy Njemanze, a young entrepreneur who had attended the same party would rally her funds and her friends to provide legal assistance to these embattled women. Motivated by the fact that she could have suffered the same fate, she would dig in to ensure that these women found justice.

Following the ruckus caused by the shoot out at the AEPB compound and as the case progressed in court, the AEPB proceeded to sponsor a few media articles seeking to paint the occurrences of 3rd June, 2011 in their favor.

However, on thursday, 11th August, 2011, the Magistrate Court in Zone 2, Abuja threw out the AEPB case against these women. The Magistrate asserted that these women had no case to answer and were exonerated of the charges leveled against them.

To put the icing on the cake, in one of the image laundering articles that took the AEPB side, the Director of AEPB was quoted as saying that the board had been mandated to arrest women loitering around the streets of Abuja after midnight.

So, after being beaten, shot at, humiliated and treated like trash, it turned out that the only thing that these women did wrong was to be FEMALE and on the streets of the capital of their own country after midnight.

For all the dirt piling up in Abuja, the streets falling apart, the pollution beginning to rise in our neighborhoods, the priority of the AEPB is to oppress an already disadvantaged group in our society, women. …and they have been doing this since 2007!

So, to the things I have learnt about Nigeria, I will add this one. That a bunch of unproductive people, who have neither been elected nor chosen by us, but under the employ of our own government can, at their own whim, suspend the applicability of the constitution to a specific group of people… and get away with it.

Someone needs to send a message to these unpatriotic elements, hiding behind our established institutions to pursue hypocritical moral agendas:

Enough is Enough!


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  1. This is so true. I know cos I was there. A friend of mine was getting married the next day and typically, we were preparing for a night of pre-wedding shenanigans. 4-6 cars drove to the Wine Shop to buy libation for our festivities. Then the buses came. Women were being pulled out of cars and carted off. Men who tried to stop the Police men got a beating and one was beaten then thrown in the bus alongside his girlfriend. The events at the AEPB office were just as true. The only reason my tires weren’t slashed was because I parked across the street. It was and is too sad.

  2. Slowly they are trying to turn the fct into a sharia state. Do not be fooled, the person behind this would be a woman, and I have my reasons for stating so. Unimaginable. So if I am clubbing wit my husband they will abduct me? Hmmmmn

    • ahh.. so you’re one of those silly people that think a problem like this is best solved by bringing about religion huh? I’m so tired of the ignorance that exhibits itself. how did you come up with sharia? Jeez!! like the situation isn’t bad enough.

    • Am so disappointed with your submission thinking its sharia, do you know what sharia stand for, have you taking time out to read about the sharia…do you know the ten commandment of THE Biblical Moses? that is sharia for your information. i dont want you to think like an illiterate that can write……AEPB and FCT Administration are not sharia establishment. instead of instigating another religious war lets all come together and defend our right, it could be my wife.thank you

  3. Are they playing some sort of prank? This isn’t even funny! How can this be happening in a civilized society?! I pray 4 this country every day. I can’t even wish this on my worst enemy. We can’t feel safe in a society that’s supposed to be protecting us? Only God can protect us now. We need a course of action. Enough is Enough.

  4. Comment from Nkem Okoro Adekunle on FB:
    Chinekem eeeeh!! My gosh! This almost happened to ME during my NYSC. It was not after midnight oo, however I was starving for a snack and stepped out to buy biscuit from the neighbourhood Mallam.The police hilux that was passing by stopped and they jumped out and grabbed me. I told them I was a corper o but they wouldn’t hear of it.I didnt have my NYSC ID card on me. I had just popped out of the house to buy biscuit for crying out loud! I begged them that no one at home knew I’d even stepped out. Long story short, I managed to wriggle out of their grasp and ran for my life! (Luckily I wasn’t carried so that’s how I managed to escape) You can be sure the hunger for a snack disappeared after that scary experience!

    • My sister was arrested buying bread at the corner shop (her I.D saved her), I was once arrested and thrown into a van in front of the club with my female friends. Luckily they just wanted cash and dropped us off 2 streets away.

  5. Who are these unpatriotic Nigerians perptrating these acts, yes, they should all be put away and allowed to rot in prison. This is preposterous, as in! The story is doing my head in.

  6. I don’t even know what to say, no one is safe o, these funny operatives can decide that men seen after hours should be bundled too o!
    Personally, they ‘the men & AEPB’ should have been sued and equally jailed for all negative acts they put the girls through.

  7. This is quite pathetic! Our govt can’t even afford basic health care for us,stable power supply,employment etc. Yet they have the effrontery to make us live like prisoners in our own country! We seriously need a revolution!!!

  8. Its too sad that we don’t have rights in this country.. I can’t even believe what I just read. And then “The board had been mandated to arrest women loitering around the streets of Abuja after midnight.” That’s total HORSESHIT..
    Too sad.. Only God can save us in this country.

  9. Wow,dis is so sad,isn’t this how pple get kidnapped in d name of ritual killings. They are doing dis all in d name of maintaining so called sanity,this is most despicable serzly n annoying,can’t even believe my ears,that a civilized country lik ours wud act like saudi arabia or wat country is dt dt arrest women who drive vehicles.and dey dnt even tell u wat u say u ve done b4 abducting u!! Cos its abduction as far as m concerned. I ve never hrd abt dis b4 n more pple ve to hear abt it cos an action ought to be brot against dem fast n stop dem asap cos tis all crap!!!

  10. Let’s look at the worst case scenario, what has abduction of females at night got to do with Environmental Protection??? Misplaced priority!!! The government just sets up duplicate agencies that really have nothing to do. It’s a shame that our police force that should be curbing the menace of Boko Haram and co are wasting public funds catching “women”.

    The so called Director should hide his face in shame. Let them go to he high class hotels where their senators and rep members are hiding and molesting young women and start the clean up there. Nonsense!

  11. Absolutely CRIMINAL behavior! Ridiculous, preposterous and disgusting. So what are we going to do? Does it end on this Blog (and others)? Is the incident the topic of a terminal tweet?

    How do we, as sons, brothers, husbands and fathers work with all women who we love, respect and value to prevent this rot from repeating, the slime from spreading and the mindset from multiplying?

    Some questions needing quick answers:
    Who heads the AEPB?
    What rubbish law or rule are they seeking to enforce and, crucially, where is it gazetted?
    Who pays for the physical damage done to people’s cars (slashed tyres etc.)
    What follow up action is contemplated/underway?

  12. The thing that pains me the most after reading something like this is the sense of helplessness one feels. These people have been getting away with this since 2007. Imagine the hundreds of women who have been harassed and made to feel less than human, just because they had the good/misfortune of being born female. Is there nothing we can do? Or should I just get a sex change and be done with it?

  13. This idiotic and imbecilic fools should be taught a hard lesson. Ranting on FB, Blogs and Twitter won’t do it. A proactive approach is key. At times like this, I just wish I was a lawyer, I will sue these scum-bags not ASAP but NOW. I am so pained with this, I seriously don’t mind contributing my little bit for this cause.

  14. This idiotic and imbecilic fools should be taught a hard lesson. Ranting on FB, Blogs and Twitter won’t do it. A proactive approach is key. At times like this, I just wish I was a lawyer, I will sue these scum-bags not ASAP but NOW. I am so pained with this, I seriously don’t mind contributing my little bit for this cause.

  15. This is no doubt, unacceptable in any society.
    However it is not new, at least not in Lagos where it has been happening for many years now.
    But we never hear about it because in Lagos,it hardly happens to to young urbane people like it is happening in Abuja.

    Profiling is used to identify victims, in Abuja, it is young females, in Lagos it is male/female at the bottom of the food chain.

    Pedro Police Station in the Pedro/Gbagada axis of Lagos is extremely notorious for this to the point they seem to have an operations manaul.I kow this because I have had to “bail out” my mai gaurd and driver from there on two different occasions.

    It is unacceptable not because it is happening in ABUJA or to people (“our friends”) known to us.

    It is unacceptable because it is an infringement on our collective and individual right to move around freely.

  16. This is just sickening!
    Where are our human rights activists please. This cannot go unpunished. Pulling women out of their husbands cars as well????? None recognition of identity cards? They were instructed to? By who? When was this decision made?? Why were people not informed or warned? This does not make even the slightest sense! Our law enforcement agencies have gone mad!

  17. When we moved to Lagos in ’05. My sis, my bro and I decided one evening to stroll to Osata supermarket on Opebi road to get Ice cream. On our way back my sis said she was tired and couldn’t walk back. We decided to bike home. We both hopped on one and my bro took another. No sooner had we left that the bike man suddenly stopped and made a quick turn. Asked him what that was about and he said the police was arresting people. We turned just in time to see my bro being bundled into a yellow bus. Naturally we yelled and cried and they only threatened us with their guns. We had to board a cab to Country club where my dad was playing a tournament. Of course he had to excuse himself. Made some calls and we went to Area F police station.. They were just about stripping them to their boxers to throw them into the cells. They were transferring them to Panti by the next day according to them. They released my bro, apologized to my dad then went on to say ” But he should have had his ID on him.” When we were just going to get ice cream?? We all went home and that ofcourse spoilt the day for everyone. My bro went on to tell me that this one guy kept begging him to tell my dad they were friends, cos his parents wouldn’t be able to bail him out. Unfortunately my dad wasn’t able to convince them to release the guy.. I still wonder what happened to those guys.

    I feel sad for this country and everyday I wonder who will save us from these monsters parading themselves as law enforcement agents while causing more harm than good.

    Enough is Enough

    • Does this government have a reform agenda for the police force? WE DON’T HAVE A FUNCTIONAL POLICE FORCE IN NIGERIA!!! A police force that can’t protect their national headquarters for God’s sake. they employ primary 6 graduates who cannot even spell their names to be terrorizing innocent citizens instead of using intellectual capacity to combat crime as is done even in 3rd world countries like our neighbor Benin Republic.
      It’s high time youths who have the needed HIGH CONNECTIONS to help give the rest of us a voice take a bold step to our aid before a selected few continue with this supression

  18. Oh gosh! So I return to this country thinking things have improved??? Just moved to Abuja and I’m hearing this? Should I now go back to the states or just try and stay indoors at night? (Not gonna happen) this is scary.

  19. this is absolutely CRAZY and nothing else, for some criminal to indulge themselves in this barbaric,and absurd act. I think Jonathan Goodluck should hear about this. am sure he doesn’t have any info on this


  21. I agree with@Ijeoma that it’s the feeling of helplessness that one gets.

    But i’d look at it from two-fold: 1) is the idea ingrained into the average Nigeria man that a woman is inferior to him. Some silly cab guy recently shouted me down cos i dared ask him to please not make calls while he was driving. And you know what the other fools in the car said: Oga, no mind am, give the music belle abeg. It was only one man who took him on and asked him to stop and not to even think of driving on the one-way. Hia! the man began to rant about how useless women were and how he would only listen to the man because he is a man and how he greetes his son in the morning ”Good Morning Sir’ becos he is a man. But you can trust that by the time i was done with him, he was threatening to have me and the other lady dropped off.
    My Father has four daughters and then mercifully,(for my Mom’s sake), perhaps, a boy but he treated us equally, gave us a voice and always said to me that contary to opinions being touted on the street, i was not ‘submitted’ to just any man on the street, but to my own husband (‘own’ in italics). As i grow older and stay on my own more, I’ve learnt to negotiate the popular opinions- ask a male friend to negotiate with the service providers himself like the Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber while i close the deals personally and insist that the required work is done on my terms (including giving them a broom and dustpan to tidy up after themselves). I do the same with the Landlords(act docile, voiceless almost), such that when they cross the line, they are shocked into response by my reaction.

    Still, I think often about my options- live with this, do nothing and let my daughters come and meet it or go on WAZOBIA with a programme that addresses this chauvinism seemingly inherent in the Nigerian male. I am still thinking…

    2nd perspective: These people pick people up and throw them in their vans and some of these innocent people are there for 3, 4, 5, years, because they havent got 3k, 4k to pay. Isnt that what, what’s-their-name, the legal people are supposed to be doing? I dont get it.

    I want to do something but i dont know what. So please if anyone’s starting something, I’m happy to join. I’ve got a voice, I’ve got a heart and I’ve got passion

    Apologies for the long reply, but it is biting me.

  22. I feel so mad and helpless right now!How can this continue to happen?i stay in lagos and some years back,my friend was also arrested at around 7pm in festac and dubbed a ‘spy’.this was during the Abacha era,nobody knew where she was cos she just stepped out to see one of her friends off who had come to pay her a visit.It was during a random check to the police station to actually report her as ‘missing’ that her parents found her behind the counter. I didn’t even know this could still happen,many years down the line.What can be done?We need to put a STOP to this madness!!!

  23. I don’t reside in Abuja but this is disturbing news. Nigeria needs prayers yo…of all the problems the country is facing, its innocent women that were picked on…and treated in such barbaric manner too? That’s all kind of wrong. I’m glad the case was thrown out.

  24. I toth GEJ came 2 make a beta nig.ds peo who say dy r ot dr 2 protect us r d 1s ot dr dstroyin nd fustratin us.well girls we really va 2 b crful bcus even wen ds idiots do all ds tins notin is done 2 dem.may d gud lord help us all.Bt 1dy shall b 1dy.Monkey go go markt no go cum bak.

  25. It is unfortunate that we are leaving in a society where women are treated as second class citizens. It is also unfortunate that the law of our country only applies to the defenceless and those who live at the margins or the pheriphery of the society. I urge the affected persons to seek redress in the court of law. They should not leave God out of this project too.

  26. Pls I don’t have time for long story. Any Ideas on what we should do to stop them. I havE never protested before but A̶̲̥̅♏ ready for this guys. And if they try shit we burn down their office. After all people αя̩̥e bombing the country and commiting all sorts of evil and nothing has been done to bring them to book but to dehumanise people’s children who αя̩̥e trying their best to survive in A̶̲̥̅ country that offers no support.Nonsense! Mscheww!

  27. The mandate of AEPB need to be reviewed and their members of staff screened for sanity. They have totally lost it upstairs. How can tourism be promoted when citizens are molested by the authorities at night. All Meaga cities in the world run a 24hr active economy and yet we claim to be giants of Africa with less then 12hrs active economy. With criminals chasing us around from one end and the authorities chasing us from the other end, where do we run to. Abuja is the FCT and not a sharia state and the Govt has not instituted any curfew what so ever in the FCT, so why on earth should AEPB arrest anyone for walking freely and peacefully at night. I’m sure in their various patrol rounds, if they were to meet armed robbers, they’ll run for their dear lives than stand and fight and protect the so called environment from robbers too. They should be sanctioned seriously and be made to pay damages to the ladies whose lives and images they’ve detented and ruined.

  28. What’s dis country turning into?so female can’t go out again without being labelled a prostitute?may God help uS o.federal govt really need to do something about dis oo.what’s dat????v

  29. Sheer madness! This is what nigerians face everyday, so-called law enforcement by foolish human beings armed and protected by the “government”. Since Abuja is the nation’s capital, one would assume better “civilization” yet the reality is nothing short of disturbing. My village is loads safer sha.

    P.s: Insightful post and nice blog.

  30. Dis is trully disturbing….NIGERIA already has issues dat need to be solved,more pressing issues @ dat.adding dis to it is only making life less comfortable for us citizens.d people who Я supposed to be protecting us and making life rather unbearable….de should very well know dat dier own kids or relatives could fall victim.I wonder if de even care.pls God come to our rescue

  31. Mehn this is crazy, I just feel bad for the ladies that fell victim, its always very sad to see a lady humiliated. I just pray this madness stops.

  32. So sad!! Buh yet am not surprised…when we leave in a lawless country so any form of insecurity is inevitable and the citizens r helpless…

  33. WoW, dis is so unfair to women. These pple ‎​® wicked n thank God they wia exonerated. It”s time we stand up to our right in this country ‘ABUJA’ especially.

  34. I’ve taken time to read all that has been writ,comments too.Admist all the “I dey VEX!”and “we no go GREE”,the situation still persists.Even as far back as Abacha’s regime!A spy? I laugh in Spanish.In Nigeria,there’s a trend.when thins happen to the defenceless,they barely grace the papers,but when they happen to the influential,we hear about it.This is bad,but then again,it is good.I’m just becoming fully aware of this,and I’d like to bring another school of thought.1st off,has anyone tried to I’d these men?they ask you for I.D. So why not vice-versa?if not in the conventional way,at least police uniforms have name tags,one should easily be able to memorise.2nd,we should find out what drives these men.are they being paid?are there characteristics common to them that’ll make them take on such a task?because the nigerian police we are used to are lacadaesic even during conventional working hours!to me,it bores down to the simple questions,who,how and why are they doing this?Concrete evidence and no speculation.it has happened,it’s happening and it may happen again.to you.God forbid,but to be fore-warned as the saying goes..we should be wiser.

  35. God will punish them.cos there are wicked.wen their is no Job.and when some find herself one,some idiot wil be disturbin.God wil kill those police one by one.there should go and give people jobs.foolish government.I wish eyes can kill.so I can kill all of them.

  36. This act is babaric tho,coming from a country like Nigeria in a state like Abuja, one would think we haven’t gained our independence. I wonder how these folks would feel if their daughter or wife is handled thus. These are the kinda men that beat their wives. So why you gonna pick up the ladies and not the men? On a scale of menace to d society, prostition and abcution/kidnapping, which is weighty? If this is a ploy to sanitize the society, the manner of approach is of incredibly low reasoning. I am a guy, but you don’t lay your hand visciously on a lady. Folks are stealing from d government, buying houses in dubai, owning 10 cars and are not being questioned. Anyways, we have seen the problem,n given our opinions. How can this be stoped? How do we prevent it? I’m not a club person and all but nightlife is part of people. That’s when most folks unwine. As much as I love this country, we too dey fuck up abeg

  37. Amara, what/how are we going to arrest this ugly monster living amongst us? I am all up for a solution not just putting our bitterness on paper,please let me know how I can contribute to stopping this barbaric act and violation of women rights.

  38. I was once picked up during my Nysc and I narrowly escaped ‘cos I stubbornly refused to enter their pickup n by a stroke of fate,I had d ID card of a media hse on me,if not Na another story we for dey talk. As at d last time I checked, The Director of AEPB was Dr Abubakar Shehu Yabo and numbers to reach AEPB to lodge “complains”-that’s if it works-092341167 & 092340678. If any1 knows a legislator and can covince him/her to do something to bring dis horror to the house for discussion,maybe even summon d AEPB Director,twld be a step in the right direction.

  39. WHAT!!!!
    Absolute nonsense! Please this should be on every radio station, every tv network! Whaaaat? Those people cannot go scot free for that injustice. Lawyers look into the matter deeply. Where is this coming from? In this era??!!

  40. It’s sad that Nigeria is a country where law makers are law breakers – and the supposed law enforcers abuse their office to the detriment of the people they are meant to protect. Useless, crappy illiterates that shirk responsibility at the expense of helpless citizens msscchheewwwwwww. we need a lot of help

  41. For a society as civilized as ours, the most uncomfortable challenge is for us to revert back and embrance ignorance. This is absurd, and unruly from an institution that is meant to protect the lives of the average Nigerian not abuse it…. Its Bad and dehumanizig….

  42. Funny Enough! Our judiciary is a JOKE! This people should’ve been paying trillions as damages by now.

    So person go just harass me finish then go him house go rest jeje?

    Una try sha!

  43. At first these were stories….then it happened to people really close to me!!!!! I’ve cried enough to know that “words are never enough”…. I earnestly pray the victims overcome the psychological effect of their ordeals.

  44. Pls wat r decent ladies doin outside @ midnite?? They must ve bin dresses like sluts , least prostitution has reduced, jesus died 4 ur sins suffer 4 ur country small

    • I’m having hard time trying to figure out how to respond to your comment aisha. In your defense you’re probably a well meaning “good girl” who views anyone who acts different from her as “bad & indecent.” That’s the only excuse I can come up with for your ignorant statement.

      • Hmmmm Aisha,
        Honestly u need to get ur self examined. truly. Its not all minis and micro that come off as looking sluty. even the normal pair of jeans u wear could be sluty so girl get your language right.whatever they where doing outside at that time of the night isnt your business, besides there are people that were also taken by these AEPB ppl around 8-10pm. I find ur response less of a woman and more of a pretentious good girl. NB: we all know Jesus died for how sins . your humour on “”suffer for you country small”” comes off as a bad joke with a bad taste. wait till u or someone close to u experiences the same ordeal then u ll understand why i think what u wrote is CRAP!!!

    • Aisha

      1. Just because you think they are not decent does not make it right for them to be treated the way they were. “decency” is subjective. This is why we have laws.

      2. You do not know these women, and you have no idea what they were wearing. To conclude that they must have been dressed like “sluts” is disrespectful. And this is sad considering you are a woman and whether you like it or not, you will be tarred with the same brush with which you tar these women.

      3. Prostitution has not reduced. I challenge anyone to provide data. The suites our big men keep at the Hilton are still occupied.

      4. Prostitution is the least of our environmental challenges. We are battling with sporadic cholera outbreaks and the streets of Abuja are still clogged with dirt. AEPB’s priority as per mandate is actually waste disposal.

      5. Aisha, I can assure you that their suffering is over. Now they can take AEPB to the cleaners.

    • i’m sorry but aisha YOU are the problem with this country.. i cant stand this the rampant ignorance in this country, which by the way, you wish to dole out to the general public.

      ‘dressed like prostitutes’, ‘being out after midnight’? You think makes them indecent? and who are you to decide any body’s level of decency? you are a human being and you are very flawed like all others, most importantly you are a woman, and if you think other women, no matter what, deserve this treatment, well i assure your bit will come. i dont wish you bad, but empathy for a fellow human is needed.. Everyone is entitled to their freedom.

      this isn’t a police state nor is it in the laws of this country that one can’t go out after midnight. if you think it is, then you’re delusional. it’s only a matter of time, till all women pay the price for such actions. do you really think we need to have more prejudices against us in this country? don’t you think that we already have to deal with so much unfairness without having anything else added to it? You surprise me. and i feel sorry for you, but i hope that one day, you’ll come to realize an injustice anywhere is an injustice to all people.

      I hope you expand and open yourself to understanding a little more.. for your own sake and the future of this country. because i’d hate to think you would share this opinion and past it on to future generations.

    • ignorance is no longer bliss my dear, wake up and step outside of your house and experience what’s happening; then i believe you will not hold the same opinion

    • As in, I don’t even know what to say to u… Infact, y am I even dignifying you with a response??? You clearly aren’t worth it….mschew!!

  45. The time has come for citizens of this country to stand up and fight for their freedom. This behaviour is exhibited by most public servants (not just the police) who get paid with tax payers money. Indeed enough is enough

  46. Its so disheartening that we now live like 2nd class citizens in our own country,i think enuf is enuf…we need a revolution,it’s high time we Nigerians fight for our rights cause we are being oppresed in our own country by those whom are supposed to be our leaders.This is similar to wot hapened in UK last week…we av to put a stop to this before it gets to a dead end.

  47. I’ve read the story and all i have to say is that we ladies must come together and protect ourselves and dignity. 1st of all we will be looked at and address by what we wear.
    2ndly the fedral gov. and AEPB are not doing what they are to do, we have a lot of criminals killing, raping and coursing harvoc everyday on our streets and suburbs they are busy picking inoccent ladies going about their bussiness!! Pls we need to push this to the national assemble for the female legislator to take up.
    3rdly AEPB should go and see what their primary assignment are and stop all this before the start what they cann’t finish.
    Night life in some country is a money spiner some of them that claim to be responsible travel to las vegas and other places alike and spen heavly to burst other country economy.
    4thly Pls those that are attributing these actions as been sharia pls pls and pls it’s a very wrong judgement. We should try and read and study the islamic religion b4 we judge.

  48. Dis is completely insane,wat kinda dehumanizing act is that?R they indirectly tryna say females should not go out after hours or what?So low!!

  49. I have beem a victim of this hudlums before when my sisters were apprehended a few blocks from our house in wuse 2 just rtying to buy suya @ about 8pm in d evening,pls anything I can do to bring this hoodlums to book am very intrested,as I swore on my life that one day they will meet their waterloo,today might just b the day if we all cry out in unity.thank u

  50. This is bad,i can’t believe it,what humiliation, is high time we (women)fight for ourselves,this humiliation was not done just to Ms Ojo nd her friend’s but to every Nigerian woman, what gave men the right to move about Abuja town after mid night but not women? This is nonsense nd its unacceptable. Pls i want to be a part of any fight against this for a solution to put an end to this rubbish, it must not happen to any female again bcos it takes two to tangle. Am so hurt.

  51. First of all, Lmao! @Onyekachi Samson..what kind of crude mentality is that?
    Anyways why should we be surprised..Fat pot-bellied people passing out laws without thinking..Just because the laws cannot affect..
    We live in a very lawless country and i pray that it will be well one day *sigh*

  52. i be lawyer and i am willing to assist the ladies incase they want to embark on legal action against AEPB…as well as mobilising a march by woman centered civil group. it could have been somebodies mum,sister, wife name it

  53. Tham dey mad insane,wat kinda dehumanizing act is that?R they indirectly tryna say females should not go out after hours or what? Make dam come try am 4 warri ro sapele if dam no mad

  54. Aisha,sephora put it mildly,this is such an ignorant crude mentality and its such a shame coming from a woman. We have bigger issues we face as women but people like you, just to satisfy the petty sentiments festering in your little brain would overlook way more important issues and concentrate on the mundane.the issue being deliberated on was the violation of these women but all your mean mind could come up with was what they were doing out that late in scanty clothes,I need to know how that is ur business,were they standing outside on your legs or wearing the scanty clothes on your body.???if your ignorant self doesn’t have anything positive to contribute to this discussion pls crawl back into the hole you crawled out from.

  55. I know they sometimes accuse women falsely and have some sort of oversight in judgement. However, I DO NOT buy this story or the follow up comments 100%. -My opinion.

    • You know that they sometimes accuse women falsely… And you think that is not a reason to be outraged? An innocent woman, even if it is only one woman, disgraced, humiliated and having their dignity stripped… Because they are female?

      The innocent women who get bunched into this disgraceful, extra judicial sham are less than human. We should ignore their plight.

      Thank you very much.

  56. @ bims: well said!
    Earlier this year my cousin & I were working on an application in a cyber cafe in Asokoro. The deadline was 10am EST or something like that, and we managed to get it in around 3am naija time i.e. 9am in the USA. We packed up & were getting ready to walk out of the hotel (where the cyber cafe was located) when the hotel receptionist warned us not to leave. He said if the police caught us walking home or trying to stop a taxi @ 3am in the morning, we would be arrested as prostitutes. We thought he was exaggerating and being ridiculous, nevertheless, we accepted the hotel lobby couch he was offering, crashed, woke up at 6am and went home. After reading this post, I’m so glad we listened to the guy. We would have been telling a totally different story!

  57. This is one main reason i am scred to visit Nigeria. If the people responsible for our protection are the ones causing all these harm i do not know what to do. My sister just went to Nigeria to do her NYSC in Abuja and reading thos gives me sleepless nite. I wonder why some folks are blaming her for her dressing or being late out. In a society that is real all that does not matter.

  58. What would a decent marriageable Nigeria graduate young woman be doing on the streets by 2am?! And what kind of crazy friend would drop off a girl on the street by that time?, Is she trying to conserve her fuel or save her tires by risking the life of the young woman, rather that dropping her at home?. She was lucky that only men of the law apprehended her. Maybe if she has lost her head to some ritualist then she would have had a better mouth to tell he creator how she serves the country by attending a birthday party and leaving by 2am. Can’t she sleep at the birthday place!. Even I would not allow a man leave my house to get back to his own house by that time of the day without him at least having his own car (even if). Why are we encouraging immorality and tearing down the nobility of African ethics in a bid to copy the western culture which is already at the brink of collapse.

    And to all those people that support ladies staying out late nights; May their lovely daughters, Sisters or even Wifes always come back to their houses by 2am. In that case may they always pet them on the back and kiss them Good morning.

    • Madubuike, society runs on laws and not on arbitrary moral judgements. If your position is so acceptable, take it to the National Assembly and get a law passed to prevent women from walking on the streets after midnight. Modify the constitution while you at it, to exempt women from being covered by the provisions of sections 34, 41, and 42 of the constitution.

      The lack of morality that is killing our society is not the women walking the streets. It is the ease with which people who are meant to uphold the law freely operate outside it’s provisions either to further their own personal interests or to pursue their perspective of morality.

      And this decay is aided and abetted by people who are willing to defend injustice by citing their own moral perspectives. People who will say that Uzoma Okere should have simply gotten out of the way of the Navy convoy, rather than get beaten upholding her right of way.

      Gladly, the Magistrate at the Court in Zone 2, upheld the constitutional rights of these women and ruled that they had no case to answer against our laws.

      Hopefully, they will file a suit soon against the AEPB and make them pay.

      They are now free to sue

    • i swear when i hear comments like these, i just shake my head…
      in a civilized setting, which we are supposed to be in, one man is not in a position to define right and wrong.
      the job of law-enforcement agents is to protect the populace and not manhandle them.

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  60. This is very very bad. Some of this people go ahead to rape this girl. Without using condom. Some rape girls everyday. Wicked pple. God will judge them all. It will happen to their sisters,friends,wifes and daugther too. The hand of the clock will come back to them.

  61. Bubusn, the decay is in every sector. The major problem here is that we call Morality ‘arbitrary judgment’ whereas it should be the platform for the law.
    From the moral perspective we are admonished to Honor and Respect Womanhood. Yes if the men were morally inclined they would treat the women with the highest level of respect and for that I will not encourage mal-handling of women. But…
    The question is, do these women actually respect their high office which is their womanhood. If someone honors you, I believe it would be seen as a point of duty to uphold this honor. Where is the feeling of shame, where is that gentle courage instilling, delicate, submissive, pure and upright genuine womanhood?
    It is now so bad and a sore-spot that the Government has to constitute a body to hunt and arrest women that are prostitutes that operates late at night wears skimpy dresses and use all kind of tricks to outwit men of the law. Now a woman that calls herself ‘decent’ maybe dressing shabby, stand late night as if it does not matter and maybe smelling of alcohol; the only deference between her and the actual manipulative prostitute is that she has no intention of engaging the in act (in her mind). I call out to you, if you are on duty as an officer of the law and have been equipped with a punch list of the behavioral characteristic of prostitutes, how would you break into her mind to know she is not a prostitute if you are not equipped with strong sense of Moral Psychology? Or do you think that those men on duty would not prefer to be in there houses having a cool night sleep.
    Do know that the law can be likened to stones and aggregates. Morality is like Cement, Sand and Water (mortar). If the two does not come together, (i.e. stones and Mortar) there cannot be solid structure; the law would become porous. Law without morality will be devout of true love, will be rigid and cruel. Love in its fastness embodies mercy, purity, kindness, modesty, humility, chastity, pure sense of shame and all other great virtue of life. To this end womanhood is to take a lead as they should be able to hand it over from generation to generation through their off-spring. If a woman true loves a man, she would not seduce him by wear those clothing that would easily arouse his sexual animalistic instinct.
    One should not forget that with freedom come great responsibility. The Law is not what we should use to witch-hunt one another. A kingdom that has lost its womanhood in terms of morality is doomed. Once womanhood stands aright everything will fall into place. Take for instance if women cherish men because of the nobility instead of material wealth, do you know that prosperity would no longer be preached at the churches and nobody would ever lute government money? Everybody would do noble deeds to be presentable to women, people would be more selfless to the country and poverty would be eliminated.
    We actually need to trace the problem to the roots and once we do so we can solve this problem once and for all. Womanhood bears within the power that can transform the Nation; we need to awaken them to their duty so that their full respect can come back to them. But if they continue to turn men into beast by their attitude, the reaction would continue to fall back upon them.

    I pray that you would be permitted to behold real womanhood and your head by bow low in reverence to God’s most wonderful work.

    • The stereotyping in this comment is so rich, I’m just going to leave it.
      Hopefully, one day, a Nigerian police man would see you and believe that you look like an armed robber and proceeds to mete out to you the extra judicial treatment they give armed robbers.

      Then, may people heap the blame on you for looking like a robber.

      • @Bubusn, The eagle looks more magnificent when it goes out into the rain, but if the vulture does the same you would notice that it is a very ugly bird. I had two serious encounters with the Nigerian Police and in both cases they saved my life (long story). Different strokes for different people. If it can be proven that my Mother is a witch, it there means I am a wizard. No one seems to take in the blame for a dirty environment but could cast it on others.
        We can easily blame some other person’s profession and relegate it to the background, but how many people can really step into the shoes of those blamed and fare better. Bubusn a man who condemns you out rightly will never incline to help you, even when you have changed he would continue to see you in that light. But that one who sees some good potential in you will tend to nurture it to outshine your weaknesses. The police you so call names would stay under the sun and control your traffic, without them on the road, you would definitely observe how ‘un-self-centered’ people could be. Or maybe let them go on strike for two (2) days then you will know who really most of your neighbours are

    • Mr kelvin , you have a point, but that is definitely not the answer, last time i checked Nigeria was a free country , irrespective of the fact that women should dress decently , u have absolutely no right to apprehend a woman in day time or walking on the street for prostitution charges,there are brothels were they can be arrested .
      There are times u find them on the road in clusters waving at potential customers, those are the times u can apprehend them, but for Pete’s sake where on planet earth do UNTRAINED self appointed law enforcers grab any woman that their barbaric or selfish minds tells them is a prostitute and arrest her Someone here mentioned a lady was arrested with her husband, so this barbaric people don’t wait or ask for identification. who instituted them to carry out these acts if not the same government that is meant to protect us.
      I have visited different countries from the middle east to the western nations.u can never hear of such uncivilized acts . its only in our lawless society where the activities of anybody linked to the government is hardly ever counter checked.

      • @Casey, once someone complains vehemently on a thing, listen carefully to what the person is saying to you and also listen to that which he is not telling you, then pictures will begin to unfold before your eyes.
        When one proceeds to advise a pick-pocket to desist from stealing money from people’s pocket, I believe the man who leaves his cash sticking out of his pocket should also be advised to conceal it better.
        Nigerians are good and endowed. I call the country the Land of Blessed people. All I pray is for them to direct their intelligence to the betterment and ennoblement of the country, but not to debase it by slander of any kind.

    • @ @ Mmadubuike Kelvin…. when next you wanna write an epistle, focus on the issue at hand… keep ur stories for your next novel abeg (with your post, it would be a shame if you dont have one already).

      • @Bee, I know I am not a Saint, I know that which is bad and put all effort in place not to do them. I have vowed to always stand in for that which is good and noble and I am on the path. But those who worship the idol of vanity, selfishness, greed and coquetry would never succeed in the battle against evil. If you honour and respect womanhood and also that woman that has agreed to stay with you and give-up your ego in loyalty towards her, the thoughts of cheating on her will never arise. The thought of paying for a prostitute or chasing after other women would be very disgusting to you.
        The problem here is that one cannot actually comprehend the pains and how much many a mothers and married women cry when many a men slip out to some hotels, clubs and other hidden gatherings to sleep & patronize prostitutes. The question is how do you bring sanity to the system?
        Womanhood holds the key to development of the Nation. A true leader facilitates, catalyzes and inspires and does not tend to control. People are inspired and obey such a leader as a matter of necessity and on this plane of activity are women enthroned. When womanhood loses their way to this high throne, they begin to copy and compete with men. At the end of the day, they are neither men or become the real woman as they are meant to be. We owe it as a duty to remind them of this lofty task. It was through our base desires as men did these women fall and it is time we turn their rudder in the right direction
        Any character one depicts in the society would have a lot to show about the home. Home does not mean house-hold alone but also the office or other places of work. The men mal-handling women have women at home and were once born by women. What morals were impacted? What did they grow-up to know? What would the girls of today that go clubbing, smokes and are shameless slave of fashion offer to their off-spring?
        Whatever you do becomes a pattern, forms you and your countenance. It would attract the kind of friends you keep, the kind of returns you receive and even the kind of children you give birth and bring into the world.
        A good mother would never raise a child that would have questionable character.

    • bros.. i marvel at your reasoning

      Are you telling us that prostittioon exists independently of men who patronise them
      Are you saying you dont have a shgbuddy somewhere that u pay off

      If not u sound like one of those people who when they become uber rich have some concubines by the side

      keep your moralistic epistles to urself

  62. Its unfortunate, sometimes I feel like being a fugitive if I hard something like this. Are the governments not considering the psychosocial state of it workers ne?. We humans not animals for Godsake. Any where you see the law enforcement you most see human right voilation. O ho ho!!, may God delivered this country AMEEN!!!!!!

  63. Pls let’s think of hw 2 go 4ward nd stp acting childlish. Let’s look at the worst case scenario, what has abduction of females at night got to do with Environmental Protection??? We got our independence in october 1st,So what is our own country leaders trying 2 prove 2 us? Pls u guys should act on dis matter cos is getting out of Hand. What sort of embarrassment is THAT?

  64. Pls let’s think of hw 2 go 4ward nd stp acting childlish. Let’s look at the worst case scenario, what has females going out at night got to do with Environmental Protection??? We got our independence in october 1st,So what is our own country leaders trying 2 prove 2 us? Pls u guys should act on dis matter cos is getting out of Hand. What sort of embarrassment is THAT?

  65. Don’t b fooled…..that’s some sharia shit going down in d fct. Nigeria should break d fuck up and let these islam fucks live on dia own in dia acient n pissy ways of flogging a woman 900 stroke n shit….who cares!!!…..Edo boi here….HOLLA!

  66. Its crazy how some of this security goons operate but besides their fundermental human rights its not even safe for a woman to be alone at dat time and if her friends have an SUV why didn’t they drop her off or even allow her stay d night? For the AEPB the level of attrocity that goes on there is crazy.

  67. People rights are being abused severally. We have an insensitive government and uniformed men who do not understand what policing is about. Pls a protest must be organized in abuja. This must be stopped,are they saying we can’t go out with our girlfriends at night anymore

  68. @ onyekachi samson… your reply is the reason you cant even present correct english… if you have nothing to say you should not post here. what’s not right is not right. #thatisall#

  69. I wish to comment on this article as a Major Stakeholder in the FCT and as one who has heard also from the relevant parties including a 1hr meeting with the director of the aepb Dr. Yabo to hear his version of this allegation.
    first, i wish to state that this article is slightly biased against the aepb in view of the fact that many ladies shamelessly parade themselves around wuse 2, zone 4, garki 2 and some other places looking for the dehumanising, unafrican business at ungodly hours of the night.
    This issue has been a recurring decimal in a concerted effort by all truly concerned parents, responsible citizens, etc to rid abuja of prostitutes who are obviously unaware of the dangers posed to them by this action.

    Asides the health hazards of contractible diseases, the issue of ritualists using any of these uninformed ladies for satanic agenda can also not be wished away.

    I have spoken to relevant authorities on the need to first create awareness and then re-orientate FCT residents on the inherent danger posed by prostitution.

    I do not hold aepb in very high esteem as their modus operandi most times lacks finesse, civility, compassion, etc. Nonetheless, I am of the opinion that we as citizens have a responsibility to live responsible lives for our sakes and that of our families.

    I am aware that all the mobile policemen attached to the AEPB have been withdrawn on the instigation of the DPO who happens to be related to one of the ladies and the director pleaded with me to discuss with the minister to intervene in restoring these mopols. He even availed me of his letter to the Inspector General of police and the response of the IG.
    Dr. Yabo isnt by any standard a perfect man but in his imperfection lies a zeal to damn consequences and rid FCT of all manner of environmental eyesores.

    It would be nice if the ladies in question can reach me for a dialogue and possible meeting the the FCT minister.

    It is easy for us all to condemn govt officials for carrying out their statutory responsibilities rather than engage govt frontally on how best to deal with our various and variant aspirations.
    We are aware and also agitating for a review of the moribound act establishing the aepb in view of current challenges which were not captured by the outdated law.

    since 1999, no single law has been made by the national assembly for the fct. we have tried and are still trying to get the NASS to live up to its bidding as far as the administration of the fct is concerned.

    as citizens, we owe ourselves a decent, equitable society where govt is made accountable to us. this cannot come about through uninformed blanket condemnation of govt but by proactively analysing issues, getting facts and making informed presentations to relevant organs.

    Change if you and the actions you decide to take.

    Because prostitution is bad, illegal, dehumanizing, ungodly, shameful, no lady caught in the act will ever accept she is one. This always gives rise to ladies cooking up stories (sometimes believable) to turn the table around.
    I am willing to deploy my office personnel, resources, time, local and intl publicity to help the ladies involved get justice if actually they aren’t what the oftentimes overzealous aepb officials tagged them to be.
    Thank you all and God bless Nigeria.

    Prince Nwazuruahu Shield is the Coordinator, Friends of the FCT, a Civil Society Coalition for accountable, transparent governance in the FCT.

    • “Because prostitution is bad, illegal, dehumanizing, ungodly, shameful, no lady caught in the act will ever accept she is one. This always gives rise to ladies cooking up stories”

      THEREFORE, pick innocent women from the street and make them confess. I appreciate your logic.

      BTW, I wonder the relevance of you speaking to the women or hearing their side. A Magistrate, legally empowered to do so has heard both sides of the case and declared in favor of the women.

      My article takes the side of the law, not the AEPB. My loyalties lie with the laws of the land.

      • I havent heard a word from you condemning prostitution and please read my post well. I have issues with aepb but in all, Im totally against prostitution.
        If the ladiers are innocent, the aepb officials should be prosecuted for human right abuse. I care about the image of the FCT so whoever violates the law should be made to pay the price. STOP POSTING NON-EDIFYING COMMENTS PLS. No where did I support human right abuse in my post. Thank you

    • Bros Prince, please just do us all a favor and shut up!!! you are ranting and sound overly pompous. which cause? who died and gave you permission to fight for anyone? if this is the way you run your society, people who join are doomed. ladies, if it happened to you and you are here reading this, stay far away from this prince of rubbish, he does not have your interests at heart and i know his type wella. if truth be told we would probably find he is a regular customer at brothels around the FCT. his type usually are, use google and find out men/women who have shouted at the top of their lungs and carried placards against a cause, at the end of the day they were found to be DEEP in the same thing which they condemned so openly, so who are you fooling? SMH to quote you ”some ladies cook up stories” yet you are willing to help the others……pray tell how would you know the difference if they hit you over the head with their mini skirt, prostitutes that they are, why would you even come off your high horse to mix with their type. you are judas in the flesh and my skin crawls just reading your comments. please go back to the dregs from which you crawled from, arrant nansense! imagine. as someone else said somewhere on this page: demand and supply work hand in hand, if there is no demand for prostitutes, then the ladies of the night would not be flocking to the road in drones and adding to their numbers, you who patronize them know yourselves so don’t come here all holier than thou preaching morality, this is not bible school forum, it is do not pick people up and beat and lock them up because you assume they are up to no good because they are wearing skirts or standing on the road page. by all means lets not be westernized, lets be africanized, why don’t you go back to wearing what africans wore back in the day before they became ”westernized” and donate your shirt and trousers to those mini wearing people. you sef dey claim minister, shooooooooooo

      • whoever you are, kindly accept my apologies if you think I sound proud. Im no fan of any govt official who breaks the law. minister or no minister.my comment sought to place this issue in its right perspective. I dont owe fcta any debt neither am I a contractor to any govt agency.
        since the days of elrufai, I’ve confronted ministers with govt failure even at the risk of my life.
        Im amazed at how much we think we know when actually we might be commenting off guard.
        aepb needs urgent restructuring but posting here alone can never get it done.
        join the campaign for a truly people-friendly fct that respects the rights and aspirations of all residents.

        once again, I apologize if you misunderstood my earlier posting

  70. @ prince if you have not heard from the ladies involved. what gives you the freedom to say you have heard from the RELEVANT PARTIES????????

  71. @ bubusn, prostitution has reduced on the streets @least, you all want them 2 work and they are starting from somewhere and that is removing prostitutes from the streets

    • Actually it hasn’t. I have been on the streets and I know.
      But that is not even the point here. People’s human rights have been abused. That is wrong. And there is no number of epistles against prostitution that would make it right.

    • Aisha, you amaze me. How does one explain this to you? Ok let me try ‘ PROSTITUTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH STANDING ON THE STREETS AFTER MIDNIGHT, NOR DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ONES DRESSING’ got that? By the way I have seen prostitudes who are well clad even veiled with long hijabs, what would you make of that? Frankly you need not respond if you cannot give what you type publicly a proper thought. The crux of this issue is that women are being harrased and bundled, you are a woman, that should be your concern and not what you think is proper or improper dress sense. Also with all the problems Nigeria has to deal with including new traces of terrorism thanks to boko haram, you would consider evacuating prostitudes a priority? I am actually shaking my head at you right now.

  72. This is absolutely crazy and must be condemned with the strongest language possible.there are several issues that require immediate attention of AEPB not this.Somebody must bring this to the attention of our lawmakers…Ozuzu Promise- Country chairperson International Youth Council-Nigeria.

  73. @ jessy I knw after reading all dis, ur d typ that will still wear smtin skimpy , smelling of alcohol n be looking 4 a taxi by 2am after clubbing . I pray u are caught n treated in a very bad way

  74. I am a Christian and I knw dis has noting to do with religion or sharia. Today its d police getting them , 2morro it can be kidnappers , armed robbers, rapist e.t.c, then wat will u all say that the police are nt doin their job. If u want 2 go clubbing. Make sure u ve a ride that will take u back to your door step, if not stick ur butt ahome

  75. And also any prostitute and her customer can pretend 2 b husband n wife, I don’t believe the wife Was dressed like a responsible wife

    • Aisha typical judgmental xtain. I pray nothing takes u out after dark say the nEed 2 buy drugs. Sannu morality police. Did u see that some of this happened at 8pm? And what makes you the judge of who or what is a prostitute? Pls go and pray biko

  76. Something similar is happening in Ogun state, where everyone with a tattoo is arrested and taken to elewe – eran,if u avnt heard of that place,its d equivalent of lagos state’s lion building..ℓ☺ℓ‎​,people are asked to open their shirts on the roads just to check for tattoos …Its not right

  77. @Aisha, ur lack of tolerance for a girl posits you as one lacking in human compassion. If you dont understand that the AEPB abductions are part of a greater racket, where greedy elements give the board targets to raise unreceipted revenue for the corrupt officials to share (in the name of bail money) then you deserve to be pitied.

    I have heard confirmed rumours of respectably married ladies abducted by AEPB in their sportswear with sneakers at night while jogging. Just because they want to stay fit. I doubt you jog. You probably dont club either. So you dont even know what it means for other girls to go clubbing. Do prostitutes jog too at night!? Do you know the court upheld that AEPB had no right to pick women at night for standing on the road!? I doubt u know that.

    When AEPB can no longer find ppl to pick at 8pm, they will start doing so by 6:30 pm, then by 6pm, then 5:30pm, at which time ‘m sure they’ll pick you. Whatever your real name is, so you get off your high horse and understand what your other fellow women feel. AEPB cannot be using tax-payers money to exact terror on the citizens of this nation!

  78. @ jessy , funny how I am d prostitute but ur d one getting all salty , cos u can’t flaunt ur stuff on the streets by 2am, don’t worry dear , like bubusn said the nicon hotel rooms r still occupied *wink*

  79. @Kelvin, U sound like a law student. U’ve had fun airing your interesting views. Non of which you’ve bothered with prefacing with any section of the Constitution that outlaws freedom of movement. Or bars free citizens from moving about freely.

    I doubt you understand where this recklessness’ll lead to if left unchecked especially since as at the last census, women outnumber men by a ratio of 3:1. And if Ure comfortable now, I hope U’ll still be when U hear Ur relation rushing off for a medical emergency at night was pulled out of a cab and arrested by AEPB. The same lawless folks who pulled out and beat mercilessly young men and women in a convoy of vehicles that drove to their office, the night in question, simply because they had the courage to question why she had to be abducted, then go ahead to arrest and detain Mariam.

    For your next quote, Law student Kelvin I expect you to quote which section in either the AEPB Act or the Constution of the Federal Republic that empowers AEPB officials to arrest people how much more molest women at dusk.

    • @Admiral, dangerous craving for self amusement is not only weakness but also a disease.
      I am only calling out that these women should not give opportunity for such a thing to happen to them and that they should fight by curtailing some of their weaknesses. I also mentioned how lucky they were, I believe the AEPB was just a mini-demonstration, a special grace of God for her and a warning. If they were abducted by ritualists. We would not be here discoursing the matter, maybe you will hear that another female NYSC person is missing or dismembered body was found.
      Maybe you are not in Abuja. Do you know that some of the Taxi’s hide armed persons in the boot of their vehicle in wait for the unlucky prey? While the vehicle is in motion someone emerges. How have that recklessness been checked

  80. I don’t knw of any pharmacy dat is opened past midnight, if I need 2 get drugs I will go 2 a hospital and all those giving the 8pm/10pm gist , sorry but I don’t believe u

  81. @admiral FYI my name is aisha. And why would anyone be jogging past midnight . If u want 2 keep fit and the only time you ve 2 workout is past midnight den go 2 a gym n stay dere till morning . I am very sure after doin dis 4 a month u will b very fit

  82. Aisha dollar pharmacy opens till late. And hosp don’t sell drugs. Goodness are u 9. Hospital pharmacy. Jessy leave her alone jor she has just shown her ignorance. Wait until d pick her afta nite vigil

  83. @Prince Nwazuruahu Henry Sheild, what now!? U now imagine urself a prince!? Kidding right?

    Let’s follow Ur progress… From
    1) Running a failed business as a Trade, Retailer, Agent of consumer electronics in 2006
    2) Playing to the gallery pretending to write to the Govt and publishing copies of Ur letters to a few media houses in 2008-2010
    3) Consultant to AEPB/Stakeholder in FCT in 2011; boy I daresay you’ve come up

    Dont worry about how I know… I took the pains to look you up. To those possessing the right tools, nothing is hidden on the net. (yes, existence in today’s world leaves footprints on the net).

    So U now speaking for AEPB? Not bad. Lemme ask you a few questions, what ever happened to warning FCT on demolitions? Whatever happened to your claims that FCT residents were complaining against Aliero & Modibbo? Whatever happened to you and your Friends of the FCT charade’s clamour that a Professional should be appointed as FCT Minister instead of a politician. So is Sen. Bala (FCT Minister) as Professional or Politician? Did U also show that joke publication to AEPB/Sen. Bala (FCT Minister) when pushing Ur personal agenda to be considered consultant?

    How come these many years Mr. Stakeholder no website, nothing. Ur Facebook page dosent even have 1 friend (http://www.facebook.com/people/Henry-Shield-Nwazuruahu/100000849314157).

    Prince Shield… Not even 1 friend!??? Heck even ghosts at least have 1 friend on facebook. Where’s Dr. Zainab Mohammed, Ur so called secretary in your Friends of FCT? How come, even your no 2. Zainab Mohammed isnt your friend on common FB? Did Zainab seperate ways with you because she didnt want to be a tool for hire or is she the Aisha posting nonsense against her fellow women?

    Please answer these questions and we can hold your opinion in some esteem, cos ‘m worried. Finally, be informed that extolling evil behaviour by AEPB for personal gains is evil.

    What goes around ultimately comes around.

  84. How many times ve girls bin drugged @ clubs and much more nasty tins ve bin dne 2 dem. I Am so happy bout dis new law and I pray it lasts, so all of u can stay @home n do better tins wit ur life

  85. Why is everyone jumping on Aisha? Haven’t you met people like her in real life? Talking to her is like speaking english to a spanish mule; not only is she from another country, she doesn’t even speak Humanese. Aisha my dear, carry go. Ignore the small fact that while prostitution is illegal in Nigeria, going clubbing in mini-skirts is not. I agree wit you that we should ban that as well. As well as going to buy biscuit by 8pm (can’t you people stock pile food in your own house? Jeez!) And also ban hanging out with your husband on boyfriend outside anywhere later than 6pm without tying double wrapper (I.e responsible dressing. Get it together, people!) While we are at it, how about we just ban women going outside at all? I mean, what the point? What are they looking for there? Sit your butt at home jare. We should all live by only your (Aisha’s) pseudo Judeo-christian senbilities. That’s the only way to go. Viva the Aishalian order!

  86. Last tym I checked hospital pharmacies are inside the hospital, eg zankli hospital. Lol don’t worry d lord has a way of protecting his people

  87. Um, actually Aisha and Samantha, this is not an argument about whether hospitals have pharmacies.or whether the AEPB guys are stationed outside pharmacies. Now unless you actually live inside the hospital, you’d still need to get out of your house, get on the street to get to the hospital, at which point you could get picked up along the way. Do you see the point now? No? Didn’t think you would. Aw, what the heck. How about we just wave our MFM ID cards in the air, like we just don’t care e? Since the lord will take care of his own? Or better still, our Aishalian order IDs? Amen someborri!

  88. Lol Amen. Funny enough I rarely go out @ night but one can never tell. Peace Aisha and Sam (who I think are the same people btw)

  89. Aishamumu, I think so too. I guess Christian rules about lying don’t cover pretending to be two different people on the internet just to make a point.Personally I think that’s an AEPB-pickable offence. Shall we make that into law? Aisha/Samantha, your ass is about to get picked, yo!

  90. Just because u cannot afford zankli dat doesn’t mean dere r no hospitals wit pharmacies like u said earlier . I am sure u will find one 4 ur level. Now I understand why ur comments r like dis , its d poverty speaking not you

  91. I haven’t heard of them getting anyone in a moving vehicle or sm1 about 2 get into a hospital. All I am saying is do no go out without a ride @ nite. 4get d policemen it is not safe

  92. I wish I could do something abt all d injustice Women face in dis our crazy society! I’ve been arrested in-front of my girlfriend’s house cos my friend was very happy and wz laffing. Can u imagine? Wz later released after I paid 7k to d m**ons!

  93. Oh and because samantha understands exactly what I mean, dat means its d same person, lmao , u people r so funny, Ijeoma , jessy n aishanamumu r def d same person den

  94. A sad tale, I wonder what this country called Nigeria is turning into. When did going out late make a lady a prostitute? The whole scheme smacks of dishonesty and deception in a bid to be seen doing something when in actual sense the so called AEPB is constituting a menace to the society. Hopefully the women advocates in the senate, house of reps and other professions with the market women will lead a street protest over this crap. I would join and support them. Maybe until a senator or minister’s daughter is arrested for such trumped up charges, we may not see a change. Where is the Minister for Women Affairs? The minister of state for FCT is also a woman? They should act on this aberration of human rights.

    To those who dont have a clue about human rights and dignity for women on this thread, Amara should start a class for them in Abuja.

  95. Lol, @ aisha pls leave dem alonen @sylvia I am sure you are your friends were laughing really loud, u were disturbing ur neigbours 2

  96. @finnyrolls oh pls, its not my fault u and ur fellow prostitutes are not allowed on the streets anymore, I am sure u can find anoda job

    • O_o…i never knew men had entered the business too.
      it’s not about the prostitutes, those people (whether na police abi na aepb) can pick u up for whatever reasons once they see you outside and that is just not right….and the most annoying part is that they always have a cover-up story at hand

  97. Kudos to everyone who recognise the real issue here- violation of human right, and kudos for wanting to do sum’n about it. Like Ebi Bizimo said, we need some questions answered b4 we can address ds issue. We also need a plan of action. How do we take this from online conversation to offline activity?

  98. i think they should be sued for human rights abuse and the case strongly followed up and very well publicized. i think our law-enforcement agencies keep doing this because they keep getting away with it.
    at least we have a judiciary, if it works well be that o, maybe if these people are held accountable for their actions, they will think well be assaulting people anyhow.
    i’ve been in a similar situation and i know how annoying it can be to know that the people just got away like that without even as small as a slap on the wrist

  99. i wonder the heroic stories these men have for their kids or how the kids will talk about them to their grand children tomorrow….” oh children, your grand pa was soo good at kidnapping and harassing girls back in the days”……..sucks…..makes me wanna pweck!. Before you take up some jobs, think about the legacy the job will leave for you.

  100. aisha or whatever you’re calling yourself you clearly do not know what christianity is about,hypocrites like you are the main cause of societal problems today,you’re worse than the prostitutes that stand on the street corners,just because you conduct your own transactions via cell phone and invite your customers to your brothel doesn’t mean you’ll escape,don’t worry you’ll get what is coming to you…hehehe

  101. Bubushman, I meant ‘most of the parties involved’. I am yet to read anywhere here where you made a constrcutive submission on the solution to this menace. I am a Nigerian, abreast with the laws of the land and would never let myself be put in a situation where I would have to start begging or making avoidable explainations. I have a responsibility to make Nigeria better by acting responsibly. thanks all the same for this kind of posts. God bless you

    • You start your post with an ad hominem and you end with “God bless you”. It definitely helps your case.

      This article isn’t about curbing the menace of prostitution. Please read it again. It is about the illegal abduction and assault of innocent Abuja residents who happen to be female.

      • @bubusn, thank you for sharing, women have indeed suffered all sorts of injustices all in the name of some law or the other, a lot of them undeserved. someone would always fight a worthy cause and that you have decided to do this shows you are not about bringing any body down, but simply alerting people to what is going on around them and in their country, so they can be more careful, but you raised another pertinent question? as long as these men continue to feel they are ridding the streets of dirt (in this case human beings guilty or otherwise of whatever crime they have cooked up), whats to stop them shooting them on sight eventually? there was a case a while back, the apo 6(cannot remember the names of the victims, yet their families are alive and remember) they were shot and then said to be armed robbers or sometrumped up charge like that, were they all prostitutes male and female? dont people have the right to move freely in a democratic country any longer regardless of the time? and its the evil an individaul does that makes the actions unacceptable not the people themselves in a lot of cases. the sooner we learn this and stop labeling people just because of our ignorance in matters or to show our command of the english language, the better we would be for it. it is truly a sad case, it is my prayer that a solution would be found and soon also before they begin to shoot people for wearing a mini skirt or corper uniform or for simply ……………being on the road.

      • curbing human right abuse? wow! I rather people found outside at ungodly hours are made to properly and satisfactorily identify themselves than have innocent citizens used for rituals. I am no fan of aepb neither would I ever support prostitution. if you arent a prostitute, then identify yourself. it is only after this that a case of human right abuse can be established.

        bubushman, there is no perfect comment anywhere in the world. not even obama’s. I am willing to learn proper english if that’s what you’ve turned this very wonderful forum into.

        just remember that sitting sanctimoniously in judgement over every person’s comment doesnt make you better.

        in all, I think justice has been served these ladies by the court and I hope appropriate actions are taken against the erring officials.

  102. This country is just getting worse by the day. really and trully it aint safe no more, when the very people who are supposed to be the ones protecting lives and property are the ones going around perpetrating such horrendous crimes, how can this country move forward??? This is how it starts, before you know it they will be acting on mere hearsay. And the most annoying part is that these bastards know exactly where to locate the confirmed prostitutes, but will they raid there? no, because the pimps are settling them. instead they will pick on poor, innocent girls. Im just tired of this failing state we call a country. As much as i love it, i can understand why people travel abroad and refuse to come back.

  103. Aisha if ur having a laugh by winding people up just stop it already. Not all of us are “religious” people and we all can’t live by your self-imposed standards. From your post ur a shame to your religion. Jesus neva condemned any1 cos he was friends with prostitutes, tax collectors and all sorts. He understood that people are people irrespective of whatever tag society places on dem. U have no right whatsoever to lael any1. If ur saying all dis to get attention or u think the situation is funny just stop it. As for Kelvin-whateveryoucallyourself, no human being in a free society shld b subject to another, I don’t want to b a “virtuous” woman by your standard. I like to party and socialize just like u men and expect u to treat me as an equal cos we pay d same taxes. Just keep ur chauvinistic opinions to yourself. I repeat not all of us are born-again and as such we don’t need to b governed by your laws. Prostitution exists cos there’s a market for it, curb d demand and supply go drop yakata.

    I empathize with every woman dat has suffered dis kind of inhumane treatment. Its tough being a woman in our society as we’re constantly being labelled. Its either we’re called bitches for daring to be assertive or prostitutes for trying to live free as every human being should.

    • @Bex you nailed every issue at hand here. Thank you for explaining it to those who apparently have stuffed their grey matter with chaff. Hopefully a solution will surface, because frankly Abuja is a city that comes alive at night. How will people relieve their stress and keep in tune with their social lives? Abi we should all turn to dull jacks?

    • @Bex, well said. i saw Aisha’s comments, the so called christian with a muslim name (not that its a sin to have one, just a bit confusing) either way, religion is not the bone of contention here and the fact a woman would indeed be joyous at the treatment suffered at the hands of irresponsible men by her fellow women (whatever the profession, though i am yet to find a profession that befits the title ”i went to buy buscuit and was abducted and put in a truck”) is truly shocking and at the same time revealing of ”what” lies in aisha’s heart. i detest people who use christ or christendom as a shield yet their heart is as dark as that of the devil and even the way she kept coming back to exchange words and insults etc. if this is what your christianity is about, better for some to ”remain in the world” than accept your religion. you and the men are the same. i wonder how you sleep at night. what goes around comes around and your said wishes for the plight of women would fall on none, except yourself. wow. the problem is not where they were coming from, going to or doing at whatever time of the day or night but what temerity these men have to treat anyone this way. the men who tried to help are they also male prostitutes??

  104. @bex I am sorry, didn’t mean 2 hurt anyone or mk anyone feel bad, but dats jst my opinion, I ve never had any reason 2 b out by midnite, but I shudnt generilize it. Some girls actually work dat late

  105. I represent a group of citizens with a mission to right the wrongs in our society that the Government has consistently failed to address through more violent measn. Girls will stand on d road at nite as bait, and when the police come to accost them, we overpower them and give them a merciless well-deserved beating. So far so good. But after reading dis, we may do more than just beat them.

  106. These are the things seen only in Nigeria! They’re are suffering from acute insanity! They need to have their brains re-examined.

  107. @Prince Nwazuruahu Henry Shield, no response from you on many of the pertinent questions I raised, then my work is done 😀

  108. This is inhumane and total injustice, why do the Nigeria police feel that they have the right to make peoples lives hell, they d not! their job is to protect, however they feel as though they have the RIGHT to do as they please. From being in Naija and UK, I can safely say that Nigeria can not move forward until there is order in place from the very top down to the very foundations of this nation and until there are real consequences for this kind of insanity, and it is not dealt with by simply settling the police.to this kind o thing I say tufiakwa!!! the state is its own worst enemy, instead of doing something that will benefit the Nigerian people all that is happening is that the little power they have they want to use it to flex their ‘muscles’ and demean individuals. It is sickening!! I am sorry for Nigeria, honest! If change is even possible, then the answer lies with CHRIST and I am not sorry to say this, because dis is the only resolution, May God help us!!

  109. this is really very bad, since 2007!!!… where are the high and mighty women human right groups. please shut this AEPD GROUP down, through the NASS.

  110. Na wa o!ABUJA!!! No bi small thin,it so long…anyway,babes,maybe we should just stay @ home 24/7.abii? Wetin una say make i talk.tank God for id card.i mean international id.maybe i for dey kuje for goin 2 club one day like dat…i had to cry and actually beg dem.funny dey dropped me @ soho after givin dem some cash from my buzz money…i copmletely lost my urge for dance n buzz.i go my house,and did’nt actually believed it just happend. So sad…

  111. Sadly, as is always the case, the crux of the matter has been abandoned for side fights. Its now the moralists vs the pragmatists. 1st, if the mandate is to rid Abuja of prostitutes who stand on the road at night, viva! The danger however is in the interpretation of the mandate. Crude and inhuman methods are applied and unfortunate stereotyping occurs leading to innocent casualties. I submit that Dorothy Njemanze called me immediately this event happened. You could hear the helplessness and trauma in her voice. She was seeking help for her friend caught in an unfortunate situation. My prayer for Aisha, Samantha and Henry is that may you and yours never be caught in this or a similar kind of situation. There are prostitutes and there are people who for one reason or another, have cause to go out at night. Everyone must as of right, be allowed to properly introduce themselves irrespective of their appearance and the time of the day before they are tarred with a brush. Guys, don’t be discouraged. For as long as we live in a free society and not a Sharia State, ADULTS must be allowed to go about their LEGITIMATE businesses freely. God help us.

  112. Hi Bubus,
    its an interesting discourse…debate…or whatever it’s turned out to be.
    my cousin younger cousin got arrested in Lagos some years ago, around 8pm, for ‘LOITERING’ aka going out at night to make a phone call at a phone booth! she was taken in the back of their truck to a police station FESTAC where there were many others like her. they were all asked to call their parents/guardians/whoever to come and ‘BAIL’ them out. and they came and they ‘bailed’ the victims!! somehow my cousin couldn’t get through to her parents and we were all worried when she didn’t come in by 10-11pm. she said at the station by that time she was the only one left. so these guys put her back in the truck and ‘graciously’ brought her back home. then they collected the ‘BAIL MONEY’ from her parents at home! it is so sickening!! to think that once the Government gives a set of people a specific UNIFORM (and there are quite a lot of them these days, esp in Lagos) it is automatic licence to abuse the right of other citizens in different ways and manners. and more frustrating that there’s almost nothing one can do about it…is it what they are taught during training? i guess ignorance/illiteracy affects both the victims and the people that inflict these abuses.
    Last year while working in Abuja i stayed at a place just opp the Rockview hotel and these ladies ply their trade at night just at that junction. every night that i had to go out to get a cab or on my way to the shop the cars would stop and try to strike a deal. i actually used to get upset, like…do i look like i’m selling? but after 6 months i realised that it didnt matter what i wore or how i looked, i was just in the trading area!

  113. Elsewhere in saner climes, every one is presumed innocent until proved otherwise in a court of competent jurisdiction and the standard of proof is strict i.e he who asserts must prove beyond every reasonable doubt. No where in any law under any jurisdiction can you imput crime just by profiling. Just because someone is out late or standing by the side of the road waiting for a cab or to be picked up does not constitute a crime. In saner climes, the law enforcers would wait until such offender is clearly about to commit the offence or has taken reasonable steps that is open to every objective and reasonable person towards commiting the offence. Standing on the road at whatever hour will not fall under any such standards.

    So as the court has rightly ruled, the AEPB officials and those that sent them out were clearly in the wrong and have breached a number of the rights of the women. Furthermore, the mass murderer in Sweden even as heinious as his crime may be is still being treated with dignity, therefore, the fact that anyone is a prostitute has not reduced in any way, form or manner their fundamental human rights which must be protected by every personnel or agency of state. The more reason why even prisoners of war can not be tortured or dehumanised.

    When issues of this manner occur, it is evident of the near collapse of society. It is without doubt that prostitution in the manner that the government of the FCT desires to eradicate is majorly an Abuja problem and it is so because of the huge market together with the large scale reward, which exists in the city as a result of the concentration of politicians and government appointees and patrons.

    So the battle may not be on the streets but with the market which exists with the politicians and government patrons. Going after ladies under whatever disguise may not solve the problem and may be akin to treating headache when the patient is suffering from malaria.

    What to do to make every government official responsible to the citizens lies first in citizens education with regards to rights and duties and the realisation that where another person’s rights have been violated, the collective rights have been violated.

    It is important that victims should pick the names of one or more of their violaters and take up civil actions against such people, their employing agencies and in some cases the Minister or head of that goverment division.

    it is important also that we as citizens must realise that we are atleast 148 million people so they MUST LISTEN TO US.

    I hope I have not bored you all. Thank you.

  114. Pingback: If you are female and you live in Abuja, you should be concerned…by bubusn | free2run

  115. this kind of discrimination against women was known with the 19th century. What a shame that Nigeria is still known as one of the few countries in the world that constantly violate the fundamental human rights of women and our leaders, they are busy looting our resources.
    for such brutality to have occured in the capital city, then we that live outside it are in trouble.

  116. First off, I must say I’m rilly impressed by all this, especially the insightful educated contributions and perspectives. As for Aisha,Prince,Sam and all ur other dim witted friends that obviously suffer from deep rooted illetracy resulting most likely from d brainwashing u growing up,and of cos ur myopic brain capabilities…I say all this only bcos u ve generously given evidence of it. @aisha…blessed indeed is d one who having nuffin 2 say, refrains 4rm giving wordy evidence of it(rememba also,dt silence is golden,but my dear,DUCT TAPE is silver!! Snd ur addy,lemme ve sme of d AEPB men cme put it on U) would insult U,or simply luv to enlighten u further,but d honest truth is u may nt even understand and also ur brain might just implode 4rm too much info…seeing as its obviously in its premature phase!!! MOVING on….lemme just add that this has nuffin to do with religion,or a persons moral standing 4 dt matter. Most of dese words u throw around (though dia re sme basic goood n bad things we all agree on as humans) re relative and subjective terms so plssss shut up if u ve no point. This is a clear case of how much the society has degraded,and no the degradation surely did nt cme 4rm any1 standn on d road dt day,as d AEPB illetrate implied in court, it stems 4rm d fact dt we as citizens of dis great nation r willing to take crap 4rm just about anybody cos of FEAR! It so bad, sme peeps I knw were willing to plead guilty dt day in d name of ‘just let it go’ ‘dese men ve guns’ ‘calm down’ how do u sit back and let an illiterate insult and dehumanize u? In fact,only one who isn’t aware of his/her right will suggest such in my own opinion! By d grace of God, all of them will b brought to book n will definitely pay. Its happening already.if u nor lik am aisha, u cn lik to take a stroll 2nite,even outside ur house or mayb just hug transformer(if its working *rolling eyes)

  117. Omg! I know these people we call leaders are somewhat wicked and useless but i had no idea they were wild animals! And to think they know todays date- the 21st century! Have they no respect for their mothers? Definitely not. Oh Lord, deliver us from a town whose leaders opress us. Sorry my sisters.

  118. Thanks a lot to those who have identified that there are serious issues of abuse here. Please, for as many peopls as have been victims in times past, send mails to dorothynjemanzefoundation@gmail.com, dnfalerts@yahoo.com, dnfalerts@gmail.com . Let us know details of your experiences, photographs(if you can), how we can reach you and any other piece of information. A hotline will be posted soonest for people to reach us on. Dorothy Njemanze Foundation is committed to helping rehabilitate people dealing with issues of abuse and helping re-intergrate them into the society. The person called prince who claims to have spoken to all concerned parties lied as he’s obviously one of those trying to drown the voices of the victims of this injustice. Women, the disabled and the very poor are the vast majority of victims of AEPB! I will also post an interview of a girl that sustained gunshot injury after a brutal abduction by AEPB on the 3rd of june, 2011. It is sad! Please help! We are not safe!!!!!!!! Everyone that has in the past been coherced to plead guilty and “pay a fine” or “pay to be bailed” by AEPB has a criminal record against them. The airtel staff who organized or attended that party, other people with other reputable firms may get into trouble with their employers because of these criminal records and accompanying negative publicity. Seember Takur must have only meant for people to attend her birthday party, not get abducted, battered and slammed with charges that are unknown to law and given negative media publicity to kill their dreams. A Ghanian approached us too with details of her ordeal with AEPB. why should AEPB laws supercede the laws that govern the federal Republic of Nigeria that gives us freedom of speech, expression(dressing included), association, amongst others? These are non negotiable. The victims are human and have rights! AEPB must revisit their books and fix all they have wronged!

  119. This is so annoying…So if someone stands in front of her house to go for Night Vigil you will be caught….is this not a free world i dont get this nonsense. I live in zone 6 i see how those AEPB officials harass pple in the morning on my way to work..May God help us.

  120. What would a decent woman be doing outside after midnight? okay,party they said? please, if you are at an event and its past midnight, you might as well just pass the night there.We all know that the country is not what it used to be. Even if the AEPB officials hadn’t picked her up, there are so many bad things that could happen to her at that unholy hour.Even responsible men don’t stay out after midnight.party or no party,if you waka anyhow,you go see anyhow.

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  124. It’s so sad, the government has to stop them, this is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For our nation Nigeria. We deserve freedom of movement and not to be treated like slaves because of gender difference.

  125. It’s so sad, the government has to stop them, this is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For our nation Nigeria. We deserve freedom of movement and not to be treated like slaves because of gender difference. This can be someone mother or sister or daughter or even a foreigner.it should stop so we can’t paint a bad name for our nation Nigerian. We are not terrorist so we should stop acting like that and let peace and love be in our country.

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