In the Beginning…


I have never really been a disciplined or orderly person. As a kid, I had my room upside down, wore my clothes inside out and generally made a mess. I was that kid that would die before willingly making themselves available to clean up anything or anywhere. I was what my grandma (Mama Ile-Oluji) called “Baba Idoti” a.k.a. the King of Chaos (My own translation. DO NOT QUESTION!).

I resisted every attempt to be transformed into a neat-freak. My notoriously disciplinarian mum eventually got exasperated and accepted me as I was. I was pleased. (In fact, I think the glorious smile that you will find pasted on my face in every childhood picture of mine is evidence of this pleasure).

I never really changed. I just learnt how to manage my chaotic existence better. The indiscipline of chaos still gives me pleasure. It is in chaos that I am most at home… in my element.

Therefore, the discipline of maintaining a blog for longer than 3 months has always eluded me. I tried to ghost-write one (as a randy African in Paris)… but I gave up after 12 updates. I ran out of make-belief sexual escapades and invented romance to blog about. Hence, this latest attempt at owning a blog is doomed to fail… consider yourselves warned in advance.


Expect anything and everything. I will not vouch for the information I put here. It will not be usable against me on twitter, facebook or in real life. If you proceed to bring it up in an argument, I will deny its validity and label you a fool… unless it makes me look good. This law shall be called the Bubusian Blog Law 101. Once I invoke it, every information that you have derived from my blog under the circumstances shall become invalid and useless.

Based on the powers that the Bubusian Blog Law 101 gives me, I shall therefore put here, some of my random thoughts, my unformed and malformed ideas… the questions I ask myself and some of the answers I attempt to come up with. I will take you, gradually into my mind and reveal how mad I really am. 🙂

Occasionally, I will provide you some information on the books I’m reading, projects on my table, concepts I am researching and any other information that would make me look good and serious.

Finally, I really don’t care what you think. But you can still attempt to make me care by leaving stupid and ignorant comments below my blogs. It will make me laugh when I read them and it will comfort me that I am not alone in my madness.

Thanks people.


7 thoughts on “In the Beginning…

  1. Welcome (back) to the blogging community sir..its good to hv u!dis post makes me understand why since I came in contact with (met) u, I had always thot we’re a little alike…I’d always thought I was the only one that funtions best in disorganisation & chaos!! (*by the way,is dat a good thing?*) welcome again sir!! I promise to be an ardent follower & I promise to support or oppose ur “madness” any chance I get!

  2. Hey Kindred spirit, (minus the chaos of course, which is typical of you ‘last-borners’), how about i use you as, (let’s see, what shall we call it…*tilting head, thinking*)… goal-post. You blog, i blog (on my page of course). Been on for almost a year and only 4 or so posts are on mine.

    Unlike you, i dont ghost-write, but what do you call it, when only 2 people in the world know of your blog cos you are afraid (i think it’s fear, but i’m not sure) to disclose it to other people?
    So please help me to help you and help me to help me. What say you?

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